Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' Video: Will There Be A Sequel?

'We're very spontaneous. We'll see,' director Jonas Åkerlund says.

At the end of Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video, just as they are leaving the scene of a killing spree at a diner, fans see Gaga and Beyoncé drive off into the desert, "Thelma & Louise" style. The video then shows the following graphic: "To Be Continued." So, what plans do Gaga and video director Jonas Åkerlund, planned this clip as a sequel to "Paparazzi," have in store for the third part? Well, not much of anything — for now, at least.

"Well, there's no plan," Åkerlund told MTV News. "As I said, we're very spontaneous. We'll see."

And while the duo hasn't laid down plans to add another video, Åkerlund also isn't ruling it out entirely. "I mean, it'll be cool, but we just left the door open. So we'll see," he explained. As for the actual words showing up on the screen at the end of the clip, he said that was his idea, not Gaga's. "I put it in post and then nobody said to take it out. So, it stayed in."

Åkerlund may have slipped the "To Be Continued" addition in on his own, but he insisted that Gaga is very hands-on. "Gaga's a little different because she has, like, the first [idea], which makes my job easier," the director said. "She always has the first couple [ideas] to tell you. So, based on what she tells me, I write a treatment, she has comments on it. So that's how we go into the ideas. She's boiling. Her brain is amazing. She's filled with ideas."