50 Cent Says His Black Magic Album Has 'A Totally Different Vibe'

'I won't allow myself to be placed in a box,' he says about 'uptempo' next project.

[artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] is back in music mode. He's been touring overseas with the G-Unit for about a month, and over the weekend, 50 revealed to a Norwegian news outlet that he had been back in the lab making songs for a new LP called Black Magic. Fif said he was inspired by listening to music in Bergen, Norway.

"I went to a nightclub afterparty," 50 told reporter Jonas Pettersen. "It's a little different music going on before I got there. They play your music when you come. But the music they played before they started playing a lot of what I created was more uptempo, more dance. I wanted to make a song like that. So I went into the studio. Because I'm traveling with my live band, I took my band with me and sequenced it and recorded the actual record while I was out there. I did two other songs I had production for. I had been writing those songs for a while. So I finished them and recorded them while I was out."

Fif said his new album will not sound like his previous work. "New Black Magic project, I'm excited about it," he said. "It has a totally different vibe. I won't allow myself to be placed in a box when I can only do one style or one kind of music. They should expect the unexpected on this project. It's good. If they can understand how I enjoy different genres of music and different styles; for the people who have various tastes in music, they'll really like it."

While there isn't a release date for Fif's new work, G-Unit members Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo say they'll drop independently as early as June.

"I'm aiming towards summer," Banks recently told Mixtape Daily. "Mid-summer, late summer. I won't drop an album until I feel the buzz — you know, as an artist, when you feel it. I'm working independent. Everything they've heard the past year has come out my basement, including 'Beamer, Benz or Bentley.' When you first come on as a new artist and you hot and you got a buzz, you could sell doo-doo on a stick. The label makes you feel like they did it, when they just called their boy and dropped the record off.

"Now it boost my confidence when I know I can make a record in my crib, send it out and receive finances from it," he added. "Whenever it's through iTunes or whatever other outlet you have, I'm happy with it. I'm not gonna rush it, though. If it came out after this year, it wouldn't matter to me, as long as it's the product people expect."

"We gonna drop it independently," Yayo told Mixtape Daily. "We not on Interscope anymore. I feel the stuff I went through on a major was nonsense. You make more money on an independent label."

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