Jonah Hill Confident He'll Get Johnny Depp For '21 Jump Street'

'We will make that happen,' Hill says of securing star for role in upcoming remake.

Jonah Hill has been doing his best to get his adaptation of "21 Jump Street" off the ground since the project was first announced in 2008, but it sounds as if the comedian is close to toppling the film's most seemingly insurmountable obstacle to date: securing Johnny Depp for a cameo role.

Hill has long lobbied for a brief role from Depp, who starred in the 1980s cop drama. What once seemed like a long shot is now apparently closer to reality, as Hill has heard reports that Depp is more than open to participating in the "Jump Street" relaunch.

"We haven't had any direct contact before, but I've heard that he's interested and I'm more than interested," Hill told MTV News. "We will make that happen."

Last year, Depp told MTV News that he thinks Hill's "Jump Street" sounds like a "great" and "hilarious" idea, one that he'd certainly be interested in getting involved with. "If we find the right thing to do, it could be very funny," he said.

According to Hill, the potential Depp cameo has already been written, and it should be very satisfying for the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor. "If he's down to do it, we've written a really, really funny cameo for him in the movie," said Hill.

While securing Depp's talents would certainly be a major victory for the "Jump Street" adaptation, the action comedy is still quite a ways away from starting production.

"The release date is up in the air, [but] we're going to shoot in January," Hill said. "I'm going to make 'Moneyball' and this movie 'The Sitter' with myself and David Gordon Green, and then we're going to go straight into '21 Jump Street,' which is coming along phenomenally."

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