Adrien Brody Says He Has Schwarzenegger Moment In 'Predators'

Actor calls his homage a 'moment of pure Arnold.'

According to co-star Alice Braga, Adrien Brody "really changed his body" in an effort to bulk up and become an action hero for Nimród Antal's "Predators." Brody admits that he won't look like 1987 "Predator" leading man Arnold Schwarzenegger when the new film hits theaters this summer, but he does believe that he added a serviceable homage that will appear in this month's teaser trailer.

"There was a moment where I added a 'Run! Get to the chopper!' moment, which my fellow cast made fun of me for for, like, most of the movie," Brody told MTV News. "But that's what's in this little teaser that's about to drop. It was like an homage to [Schwarzenegger]." The actor went as far as to label it a "moment of pure Arnold."

Producer Robert Rodriguez did say that he wanted to "make people scared of the Predators again" — not Brody's character — and picking a man with a naturally wiry frame may contribute to a Predator/human contrast that furthers that goal. Nevertheless, Brody is realistic about his own physicality and what he can or can't do to match up with the current governor of California.

"I have a tremendous respect for Schwarzenegger and what he's built," Brody explained. "He's built so much from his dedication to his physique, and obviously I'm not hired for that, but I really respect what he's done, and he's awesome in 'Predator.' "

Schwarzenegger could be awesome in "Predators" as well, in a more limited capacity, if Rodriguez gets his wish to fit a cameo into the script. That, however, is a "pure Arnold" moment that will likely have to wait for the final cut if it ever comes to light.

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