Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' Style Is 'Amazing,' Co-Star Jai Rodriguez Says

'I love the Bettie Page bangs and the aesthetic of the film noir and the hair,' he says.

Lady Gaga rocks many interesting looks in her [article id="1633772"]"Telephone" music video[/article], from crime-scene tape, a '40s suit and hat, a bikini and jacket made of leather and studs to a leopard-print leotard and an American-flag-print bikini. Oh, and let's not forget all her telephone-inspired headgear.

Beyoncé also gets her fashionista on, thanks to an American-flag dress, a yellow latex dress with matching cowboy hat and a funky military-inspired blue satin top with cutoff denim shorts.

TV personality Jai Rodriguez, who appears in the video as a reporter, said the looks are amazing.

"I think the military thing [is the best]," he told MTV News. "The big, oversized, shoulder-paddy bedazzled jackets. I don't think it's something Beyoncé would have rocked on her own, but being in a Gaga video, she made it her own. Made it very B. I love the Bettie Page bangs and the aesthetic of the film noir and the hair. I thought that [suit she wears leaving the prison] was amazing. I love the film-noir thing."

Rodriguez is already seeing the video's style influence in the real world, spotting girls wearing Gaga's fluorescent-yellow hair.

Other fashion experts are noticing Gaga's fashion-icon status as well. "I think she's growing up nicely and starting to bust out on her own," "The City" boss Kelly Cutrone told MTV News about [article id="1633722"]the looks in the video[/article]. "I think she's making much stronger pop-art statements."

What did you think of the fashion in the "Telephone" video? Will you be wearing any of the clip's looks in the real world? Let us know!