'She's Out Of My League': Five Things You Need To Know

Alice Eve reveals her jones for 'Jersey Shore' star Ronnie -- and more!

[movie id="431756"]"She's Out Of My League"[/movie] asks a question not about how you get the perfect girl, but what wackadoodle lengths you might go to keep her. In his first starring role in a Hollywood film after a string of scene-stealing supporting parts in flicks like "Knocked Up" and "Tropic Thunder," Jay Baruchel stars as Kirk, a Transportation Security Administration lackey who becomes the object of affection of Molly (Alice Eve), a so-called "perfect 10" with a winning personality to match her killer figure.

So what happens when a not-so-hottie hooks a gal who wouldn't be out of place on the Maxim Hot 100? You'll have to hit the theater to find out. Before you do, here are five things you need to know about "She's Out of My League," out Friday (March 12).

Jay Gets Bum Approval

This may be his first meaty Hollywood role, but know one thing about Mr. Baruchel: The guy didn't have to flash his own backside on camera. The cheeks unveiled during a scene with Eve, it turns out, don't belong to Jay.

"I did get bum approval," he told MTV News. "That was not my ass but someone else's. But I got to choose whose it was. I felt very powerful."

Baruchel felt considerably less powerful during his intimate scenes with Eve. "Look at her!" he laughed. "It wasn't difficult to pretend to be attracted to her. She's very overwhelming."

Alice Hearts Ronnie

Her character may select a 5-out-of-10 guy, but in real life Alice Eve knows exactly who her celebrity "perfect 10" is.

"Leonardo DiCaprio," she told us. "Leo's out of everyone's league."

If things don't work out with the "Shutter Island" star, Eve declared she'd be perfectly happy with an MTV reality star.

"Ronnie from the 'Jersey Shore!' " she laughed, before quoting one of his well-known, post-brawl lines. " 'One punch, one punch!' "

Alice Is Cool With Being a "Perfect 10" ... Except in the Morning

How is one cast to play an über-hottie? Does that add on any additional pressure, any late-night trips to the gym for a few more crunches before that bathing-suit scene? Not if you received the news the way Eve did.

"My agent actually went, 'You didn't get this movie, you didn't get this movie, you didn't get this movie, but you got the lead in "She's Out of My League!" ' " she said. "I was still dealing with not getting the other movies. It didn't go through my mind that I was playing a '10' until the marketing campaign really made it clear. The pressure was on! I don't want to be rated, especially in the morning!"

Jay's Finally Been Called Up to the Big Leagues

The 27-year-old actor has been mixing memorable big-screen supporting roles with lead parts on the small screen and in Canadian films for over a decade. Stepping up and carrying his own comedy presented no challenge at all.

"I've been doing it since I'm 12 and I'll be 28 in April," he explained. "When I started, I was the lead in two TV shows back to back. And when I first came down to the States, I did a TV show called 'Undeclared' when I was 18, and I was the lead in that. Every time I've been working here, I've gone home and gotten to be the lead in things. If nothing else, I was groomed for the workload. I was a captain in the minors. Now I get to be a captain in the NHL."

Jay's Not a '5'!

Yet he's a captain who's labeled by his buddies as a "5" at best. Does he really consider himself so middle-of-the-road?

"No, I do not!" he laughed, before expressing what he hopes is the film's true message.

"I think if we've succeeded that at the end of this movie, you kind of throw the whole ratings system out the window and realize that as corny as it sounds, it just comes down to two kids digging each other," he said.

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