Siobhan Magnus Profile: Is She Too Quirky To Win 'American Idol'?

Our 'American Idol' top 12 cheat sheet looks at Magnus' strengths and weaknesses.

On Thursday night, "American Idol" revealed its top 12 finalists for the ninth season of the hit show. MTV News "Idol" expert Jim Cantiello whipped up a handy cheat sheet for each finalist, breaking down each specific "Idol" journey thus far. He also got the "Idol" hopefuls to weigh in when he caught up with them at Thursday night's top 12 party in Hollywood.

Siobhan Magnus

Siobhan Magnus may look like an extra from "Gossip Girl," but she'd probably be more at home on an episode of "Freaks and Geeks." She speaks like she's on lithium and dresses like a Benihana hostess, but, most importantly, she sings like a champ. The odd combination has proven an irresistible and appetizing mix for "Idol" viewers and judges alike. In a season overrun with quirky contestants, Siobhan Magnus definitely takes the (fruit) cake.

Best Performance: Siobhan's partially a cappella "House of the Rising Sun" was a haunting triumph, made all the more poignant due to its "this one goes out to my dad" dedication.

Weakest Performance: It's a little unfair to call Magnus' "Think" weak since it featured a stunning rebel yell of a high note that was one of the most unexpected and thrilling moments of the season. Unfortunately, the rest of her Aretha Franklin performance was off-putting in a "why is this skinny white girl marching around onstage and pointing at audience members haphazardly?" kind of way.

Tragic Backstory: Siobhan has a heavy home life that "Idol" producers often glob onto, but so far, the only things we know about Magnus is that she's a glassblowing apprentice, she does silly warm-ups with her mouth, and she trained herself to wail high notes by singing Kelly Clarkson songs in the shower.

'American Idol' Top 12 Party

Why She Will Win: Siobhan is, as Simon said, "a strange little thing." You can't deny that she'd make for interesting television every week. Viewers may decide to vote her to the finale just to see what the wild child might sing (or say) next. It also helps that she has real vocal chops behind the quirk.

Why She Will Lose: Is she too quirky? The last time "Idol" voters rewarded a "zany" contestant, we ended up with a Taylor Hicks victory. And we all know how well that turned out.

What She Should Sing: If Siobhan brought her guttural wail and lilting croon to Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2 U," she'd be incomparable. And unstoppable.

On Her Own "Sasha Fierce" Performance Persona: "I'm in a different place when I'm onstage. I kind of go inside my head and do my own thing. It's not just me talking to somebody. It's me in the zone, doing what I love to do more than anything."

What do you think of Siobhan's chances on "Idol"? Were you happy to see her make it to the top 12? Let us know!

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