311 Thrill Fans During Epic Five-Hour Set

Mellow rockers play to sold-out Las Vegas crowd on 311 Day.

"It's the most epic show in the world," declared die-hard fan Matthew Brill of [artist id="815"]311[/artist] Day, a five-hour-plus marathon of music put on by veteran mellow rockers 311.

Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas served as the worship center for the most holy of holidays for 311 fans (March 11, of course). Fans lined up as early as 1 p.m. to secure spots close to the stage, which was tricked out with the most advanced stage displays that the band has ever used.

311 shirts plastered the arena as eager fans waited for the show to begin, shortly after 7:30 p.m. As the boys from Omaha hit the stage, the sold-out crowd rejoiced as loudly as the reverberating amplifiers that were blaring the opening notes of "Jackpot." Vocalists Nick Hexum and S.A. Martinez pogoed around the 360-degree stage, taking full advantage of the sprawling space. Above the band hung a multi-tier circular screen playing the simultaneous webcast of the show.

The crowd kept up with the band, staying on its feet and dancing during the entire 60-song set. In addition to all of the hits ("Beautiful Disaster," "All Mixed Up" and "Down"), 311 sprinkled rare, older gems into the mix, "Brodels," "Slinky" and "Loco" to name a few. Fans especially responded to "Taiyed," which included an extended midsong jam session.

311 maintained their stamina by dividing the show into three sets, taking short breaks in between. They also officially announced the 2010 Summer Unity Tour, featuring the Offspring, bringing a huge roar of approval from the audience.

311 closed out the impressive event with "Unity" as an encore. Over the five hours of music, every bandmember got his time to shine, with Aaron "P-Nut" Wills lighting up his backlit bass, Tim Mahoney proving his acrobatics on the guitar, and drummer Chad Sexton performing impeccable drum solos. By the end of the night everyone was drenched in sweat — both the band and the crowd — suggesting that 311 Day is more than just a concert, it's a religious experience.