'American Idol' Eliminations Shock And Disappoint Fans

'Idol' watchers are torn up over Thursday's ousters of Lilly Scott, Alex Lambert and Katelyn Epperly.

The sound of jaws dropping across the country after Thursday night's shocking "American Idol" vote-off was mirrored in the comments left by MTV News readers in the wake of the eliminations of Katelyn Epperly, Lilly Scott, Alex Lambert and Todrick Hall.

"I can't believe they sent this group away," wrote a dumbfounded Dprk7r79 on Friday morning. "Did America really vote like this? I liked Lilly and Alex a lot."

Others were just mad that voters appeared to just get it all wrong again. "How disappointing. Three of the four best contestants were sent home," said Green Eggs and Ham. "I hope that Lilly, Alex and Todrick's contracts allow them to produce albums now, because I will buy them. As for American Idol ... You lost me tonight. I won't be watching your show for the balance of this season."

Some suggested that the nefarious spoilsports at VoteForTheWorst.com are having a real impact on season nine and throwing the vote. "Lilly and Alex should NOT have gone home, they were two of the best," argued Fortunefox. "Shocked really. I think VFTW is having an unfortunate impact this season. Crystal [Bowersox], Michael [Lynche] & Lee [Dewyze] should be afraid ... very afraid because as good as they are - tonight proves that NO ONE IS SAFE."

Quite a few said they thought Scott and Epperly should have been saved in favor of teen Katie Stevens and Paige Miles, with the latter having her roughest week to date with a poorly received cover of "Smile" and the former continuing to struggle to sound contemporary and find her artistic niche. And, like quite a few angry posters, RockChick suggested that Lambert deserved to stay over onetime front-runner Andrew Garcia, who she said has been on a downward slide since his lauded "Straight Up" cover, even as Lambert has been steadily improving.

As for commenter Stampede, well, disbelief is the only way to describe it. "I'm still in shock from the eliminations tonight on 'American Idol,' " read Stampede's response. "Absolutely as usual America gets in wrong. I mean this is the 9th season of 'American Idol,' and in the 8 already finished, only 3 of the winners were the right choice. Lilly Scott is amazing, Alex Lambert has a great soulful voice, Andrew Garcia should have been the one to go. And for the girls, Didi [Benami] or Paige should have been the ones to go. Absolute outrage."

Stampede even suggested that next year the power should be taken out of viewers' hands and the judges should decide who gets eliminated each week. Ann Isabel is holding out hope that there's a wild-card round this year, providing the opportunity for one the semi-finalists to return. And while many fans wrote in giving props to Scott and Lambert for their unique skills, one poster, Rachel, was just mad.

"I can understand everyone's disappointment when some of the true talent got sent home last night," she said. "So when did the audience of this show turn into idiots? Probably last season after they picked the wrong winner yet again! I know why Crystal didn't get super excited when she got in the top twelve, when you are a true artist on a show voted on by kids who have Hannah Montana on their TiVo you can't expect real talent to be realized!!! I mean Tim [Urban] Really!???!!! And Katie!???!! Yeah sure they could make it on a Disney Channel special but ... 'American Idol?' I think NOT!!!!!!!"

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