Corey Haim's Death: Did Medications Play A Role?

Police reportedly found Vicodin, Valium, muscle relaxers and antipsychotic medicines near body.

After Thursday's news that the Los Angeles County Coroner's office told actor Corey Haim's mother that his likely cause of death was pulmonary congestion, TMZ reported that strong medications were found at the troubled "Lost Boys" star's bedside.

The coroner's office said Haim had pulmonary congestion, an enlarged heart and water in his lungs, but, according to TMZ, that has not been definitively pinpointed as the cause of death in the 38-year-old actor's demise on Wednesday. Though toxicology tests are still pending, the site said police also found pill bottles containing the powerful painkiller Vicodin, the tranquilizer Valium, an antipsychotic medication (Haloperidol) and Soma, a muscle relaxer, in the apartment Haim shared with his mother.

The site reported that a well-known but unnamed Los Angeles psychiatrist prescribed all the medications to Haim on the same day, just days before he died. Haim publicly struggled with an addiction to drugs and alcohol for much of his career, and prominent addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky told MTV News in the wake of the actor's death that addicts sometimes are fooled into thinking that because they're taking legal medications prescribed by a physician, they are not subject to the same abusive tendencies.

"It's so easy to get these medications, and sometimes well-meaning physicians who don't understand addiction prescribe them for legitimate reasons," said Pinsky, who did not treat Haim and did not have any firsthand knowledge of the circumstances of his death. "But they start taking them and don't realize the trouble they're getting into."

Shortly before his death, Haim had complained of flu-like symptoms and had spiked a high fever. He collapsed at his mother's bedside early Wednesday morning and died a short time later. His manager, Marc Haislip, told Us Magazine that Haim will be buried in his native Canada in Toronto, Ontario, where he was born. Haim's family "want to do it back home," he told the magazine. "But there will be a memorial in L.A." No dates for either event have been announced yet, but it was reported that the family plans to reach out to friends in Hollywood for donations to fund the burial and service, as Haim was reportedly destitute at the time of his death.

Haim's family, including sister Cari and father Bernie, have reportedly joined his mother Judy, who is very ill with cancer, in Los Angeles.