Corey Haim Died Due To An Enlarged Heart, Manager Says

Late actor's mom was told that an early autopsy points to pulmonary congestion as the cause of death, manager tells CNN.

Preliminary reports reveal that 1980s heartthrob Corey Haim died of an enlarged heart with water-filled lungs, the actor's manager told CNN.

The Los Angeles County coroner told Haim's mother that the culprit was pulmonary congestion, manager Mark Heaslip said. Haim was found dead Wednesday after collapsing in the Los Angeles apartment he shared with his mother, Judy Haim.

Heaslip went on to say that this was proof that the actor didn't die from a drug overdose, contrary to early media reports shortly after the news of his death broke. However, Brian Elias, who is with the coroner's office, said that they are waiting for toxicology tests to return before making the official call on what ultimately killed the actor.

The initial buzz of what might have actually killed Haim came from the 1980s teen icon's decades-long struggle with drug addiction. Longtime friend and frequent co-star Corey Feldman asked Wednesday that people not "jump the gun" to conclude a drug overdose killed Haim.

Heaslip, manager to both Feldman and Haim, said he seemed to be winning his battle against drug abuse in the weeks before his death. Haim had suffered from flulike symptoms for two days, the deputy coroner said.

"We found no illicit drugs. However, we did recover four of his prescription meds at the location," said Ed Winter, the Los Angeles County deputy coroner, adding that he does not know what those drugs were.

Haim was "weaned down to literally zero medications" in the past two weeks by an addiction specialist, Heaslip said Wednesday on CNN's "Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell."

The doctor "put him on a new line of medications," Feldman said on "Larry King Live" on Wednesday.