Lupe Fiasco Reaches Out To Jay Electronica, Explains Jay-Z Comment

'Everybody thinks because you're black and you're from the 'hood, you wanna be Jay-Z,' Lu tells Mixtape Daily.

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Please respect our exclusive game. Just a couple of weeks ago, we told you how one of the underground's favorites, Jay Electronica, said he wanted to make an album with Lupe Fiasco. He also said he wanted to go in on projects with Nas, Mos Def and a slew of others, but who's counting?

On Wednesday night in Manhattan, Lupe popped up on the red carpet for the MTV documentary "Summit on the Summit: Kilimanjaro," which airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on MTV. Not only did Lu say he was down with collaborating with Jay, he's initiating things.

"I reached out to him a couple of days ago with some real serious ideas," Lupe said. " 'Let's put a program together. Something that works out and makes sense for the both of us.' He's a very talented MC. One of the few MCs that I actually listen to what they're saying. I don't listen to 98 percent of the rappers out there. But he's one of the MCs I listen to and I'm inspired to do so. A collaboration is in the works."

Lupe also clarified the comments he made to, when he said he did not want to be like Jay-Z.

"There's a misunderstanding with my fanbase,'' The Age quoted him as saying. ''People [at Warner] feel they know my fans more than I do. They want me to step out of my comfort zone and step into theirs. I don't have necessarily the celebrity success they want me to have, but it's more social success and being able to speak at a college about world affairs. That's a success to me. I don't want to be Jay-Z and be worth $400 million and perform on every awards show. It's getting in touch with somebody who needs to improve their self-esteem as opposed to driving a Bentley and putting some chains on."

Lupe told us he didn't mean any malice toward Jigga but was speaking up for individuality.

"Jay-Z's a personal friend of mine. [He] executive-produced my first album," Fiasco said. "[My comments were] just an example using him of how people rate success. There's an idea of the status quo that every rapper wants to be Jay-Z. Nah. Every rapper does not want to be Jay-Z. Every rapper don't wanna be Kanye West. Everybody don't wanna be Lil Wayne. They wanna be who they are. ... You're a fool trying to chase that success down and manage it like that. I always look at my success as further than a dollar sign, further than record sales. ... Everybody thinks because you're black and you're from the 'hood, you wanna be Jay-Z. There's kids who wanna be astrophysicists and don't care about rap. That should be OK. You should be OK just being you, working your regular job and being happy. That's why I made that statement. I felt it need to be said."

Don't miss "Summit on the Summit: Kilimanjaro," airing Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on MTV. And find out what you can do to help solve the global water crisis now at the "Summit on the Summit" Web site.

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