Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' Looks: Fashion Experts Weigh In

Kelly Cutrone, Robert Verdi and more give us their opinions on the fashions worn by Gaga in her latest video.

After an attempt to decode just what might happen in Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video, it's time to take a look at some of the fashion-forward ensembles Gaga has been sporting in the leaked photos leading up to the video's Thursday (March 11) premiere. She's worn everything (and nothing) from crime-scene tape to leather and studs and MTV News gathered a few fashion experts to weigh in on some of Gaga's "Telephone" looks.

The Telephone Eye Patch Made of Hair

Kelly Cutrone, "The Hills" and "Kell on Earth": "I just love this whole thing. It's totally insane."

Robert Verdi, celebrity stylist: "It's interesting that Gaga is inspired by the telephone because it's almost an object of yesteryear. There's something really almost nostalgic already about a telephone, particularly in the way she's using it in some of them. She's deconstructing it and it's somehow metaphoric for communication and it's attached to her head, which is kind of the direction we're going in."

The American Flag Ensemble

Cutrone: "[This look is] a little like if a baton twirler had sex with David Lee Roth and Axl Rose."

Verdi: "She's wearing the American flag and her hair's down kind of like a hippie. I think she's inspired by Jimi Hendrix in that frame."

Richie Rich, Heatherette designer: "It's a little Guns N' Roses and it's cool."

How the "Telephone" Look Fits Into Gaga's Aesthetic

Cutrone: "I think she's growing up nicely and starting to bust out on her own. I think she's making much stronger pop-art statements."

Richie: "As an artist she's branching out a little bit more. I think now she's actually showing herself off more."

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