Corey Feldman, Agent Don't Believe Corey Haim Died Of Drug Overdose

Actor was reportedly dating 'Daisy of Love' star Daisy de la Hoya at time of his death.

Mark Heaslip told TMZ that Haim had a fever and was having trouble breathing on Tuesday afternoon, so a doctor was called to the apartment he shared with his mother, Judy, to check up on the actor. The 38-year-old "Lost Boys" actor died early the following morning.

Heaslip said that Judy fell asleep Tuesday night and woke up at around midnight to find her son standing over her just before he collapsed. She called 911 immediately,but Heaslip said it took an ambulance 20 minutes to arrive at the apartment, by which point it was too late. Haim's good friend and frequent co-star Corey Feldman also told Larry King on Wednesday night that he doesn't believe Haim died of an overdose.

The actor had been on the comeback trail, according to the producer of one of the final films he worked on, "The Dead Sea." Producer Rick Tucker said Haim insisted on a drug-and-alcohol-free set on the movie he was filming when he died, TMZ reported. Another reported bright spot in Haim's life before his death was a new relationship with a fellow reality star who allegedly tried to help save him from his addiction demons. E! Online reported that Haim began dating 27-year-old "Daisy of Love" star Daisy de la Hoya after recently being introduced to the VH1 star by Feldman.

"I'm sooooooo devastated right now," de la Hoya reportedly tweeted on Wednesday on her protected Twitter page according to E! "This is the worst day ever I can't believe this."

An unnamed source close to de la Hoya told the site that the romance between the two was new, but that it had its roots in a longtime crush. "Daisy loved 'The Lost Boys,' and she always had a crush on Corey," the source said. "Their first official date was two weeks ago, but they'd been hanging out a little while before that. Corey invited her to the Playboy Mansion. Corey Feldman came, too."

The dating-show veteran apparently wanted to help Haim with his drug-dependency struggles. "Daisy knew Corey was doing a lot of drugs — especially prescription meds," the source said. "She thought he was kind and talented, and she wanted to rescue him. She became his confidant over the last few weeks."

Though the relationship was new and they weren't exclusive, a rep for de la Hoya said she was "bawling and inconsolable" when she got the news about Haim, tweeting, "Why do I always fall for the lost soul? We could of been lost together, now your lost forever ... I'll miss you."

Although police reportedly found a number of prescription drug bottles at the apartment where Haim was found, authorities have not declared a cause of death, pending an investigation and autopsy.