'My Life As Liz' Star Reveals Why She Moved To New York

Liz Lee says the Notorious B.I.G. inspired her to choose the Big Apple over Burleson, Texas.

On Monday night's season finale of "My Life as Liz," Liz Lee bid a fond farewell to Burleson, Texas, to make a new life for herself in New York City. And on Tuesday (March 9), the anniversary of the Notorious B.I.G.'s death, she says the iconic Brooklyn rapper inspired her to take the giant leap and head to the Big Apple.

"Well, he talks about New York in his work, and it seemed like New York was such an inspiration to him that I thought, I need to go here," she told MTV News, adding that the Biggie classic "Juicy" is one of her favorites. "Like, it's kind of necessary to experience it."

And while Biggie's words may have brought Lee to the city, there's still a part of her that misses her pals back in Texas, especially after watching the finale herself. "To see all of my friends and the look on their faces when I actually left, that was surprising," she said. "It was almost like their support was tangible and visible, and it made me miss them a lot. Seeing the last episode made me kind of sad."

Lee also experienced a last-minute surprise when her longtime crush, Bryson, finally expressed his feelings for her. Still, she knew she couldn't stay behind for him. "There was that hesitation [when he told me how he felt], but I felt like, if he really cared about me, that he just wanted me to be happy," she said. "And I feel like that was another thing that pushed me to New York, [because] all of my friends cared so much."

So, how does Lee feel about the end of her show's first season? "I was actually kind of relieved after the season finale, 'cause you know, you work so hard for so long to have this final product, you're kind of relieved," she said. "Then there's that feeling of sadness, 'cause it's over, and it was a really fun ride. It's an amazing feeling."

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