Lil Wayne Fans Say They Already Miss Jailed MC

'I hope he gets out early!' one MTV News reader says as Wayne begins prison term.

Shortly after Lil Wayne turned himself in to serve his yearlong prison sentence, the superstar MC's absence could be felt, both online — where Weezy had been busy tweeting and posting videos in recent weeks — and on the street.

"It's messed up looking at his situation, being a role model," Wince Aubrey, 32, told MTV News. "But he got caught red-handed, so he's being a man and owning up to his responsibility. He's gonna be missed."

Lil Wayne's sentencing had been delayed a number of times, first for dental surgery he required and then once again after a fire occurred at the courthouse last week. But on Monday, the rapper was formally sentenced to one year in prison after pleading guilty to attempted gun possession. The New Orleans native will now call Rikers Island his home at least until November, when he could be released after eight months for serving his jail stint with good behavior.

"Wow, that really sucks," reader Courtney wrote. "I think that this is so stupid. ... He is a good artist and donates a lot of money to charities. I hope he gets out early!!!"

"DAMN! So, finally he's gone," Superman commented online. "Stay strong, Weezy. Best rapper alive."

But not all fans were saddened by the departure of the nearly ubiquitous hip-hop star.

George Asatrian, 21, argued that Lil Wayne won't be missed too much. "Hip-hop won't be affected too much by him going to jail," he told MTV News. "Because he probably has so much music to last, and I think he has enough people under him who will hold him down until he comes back."

Brooklynite Angel Velasquez said that even though the rapper's sentence is short, it will still be challenging. But he cautioned about too much hype surrounding Lil Wayne's imprisonment. "It's not all about Weezy," he said. "There's a lot more entertainers out there."

What do you think about Lil Wayne's jail time? Will you miss the rapper while he's out of the public eye? Let us know below!