Greg Kinnear Can't Believe He's Old Enough To Play Miley Cyrus' Dad

Actor jokingly compares his role in 'The Last Song' to his upcoming part in 'Green Zone.'

On Friday, [movieperson id="167912"]Greg Kinnear's[/movieperson] star turn alongside [movieperson id="14867"]Matt Damon[/movieperson] in the political thriller "Green Zone" arrives in theaters. And later this month, he'll return to a leading-man role when "The Last Song" opens. In "Song," which focuses on a rebellious teenager who is sent to live with her estranged dad one summer, Kinnear plays Miley Cyrus' character's father.

The "Little Miss Sunshine" star joked about the wide gap between the two films' plots at a recent junket for "Green Zone."

"Very similar movie, by the way," he laughed when he spoke to MTV News. " 'The Last Song' and 'Green Zone,' very similar. Most audiences won't see much of a difference. Matt stars with 'M.' Miley starts with 'M.' Don't get me started. We'll be here all day."

All joking aside, Kinnear said that he was a little freaked out to realize he is old enough to play Cyrus' dad. "I'm still wrestling with the fact that [Cyrus was] 16 years old [when "Song" was shot last summer], and that constitutes her young enough to play my daughter. These are things I'm struggling with."

However, playing alongside the "Hannah Montana" star made the real-life dad a hero back in the Kinnear household — at least, once a snafu or two was fixed. "I have three [young] daughters. I'm a rock star now. It's all great," he said. "Truthfully, [one of them] didn't know who [Miley] was when she first met her. So, that was awkward. We're all good now."

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