The Game Laments Lil Wayne's Jail Time: 'I Don't Like It At All'

'Everybody makes mistakes,' the Compton MC says of Weezy's gun-possession charges.

After [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne's[/artist] sentencing Monday (March 8), his family, fans and friends are definitely bummed to see him go.

"It's f---ed up," [artist id="1340778"]the Game[/artist] said about his friend and "My Life" collaborator's jail time. "I don't like it all. I don't have one good feeling about it. I'm happy Tip is coming out, but sad that Wayne and Gucci gotta go in. I don't like to see that. I like for my n---as that co-exist with me in hip-hop to win. I don't like to see [for example] Fab go to jail just as much as he don't want to see Game to jail. That sh-- is wack.

"As n---as is approaching their 30s, the end of their 30s, and becoming hip-hop veterans and legends, we gotta become a little more wise," Game continued. "Everybody makes mistakes. I'm pretty sure at this point, Wayne is kicking himself in the ass for the sh-- he did. But n---as is fathers, n---as is growing. With age comes wisdom, man. We'll learn and we'll get it all together. As long as we stay together, we'll be straight. This sh-- is a brotherhood. Long as we got each other, we'll be straight."

Game said he would love to see that solidarity among his peers come to light with everyone joining together to make a positive song with a message.

"We're a bunch of [guys] from the same country that came from the same struggle, we grew into the same dominance," the Compton MC said. "Remember 'Fight the Power' and 'Respect Yourself'? ... We gotta get back to that. 'All in the Same Gang' — when n---as gonna do one of them? On some cool sh--. That'll be cool. We gotta figure it out. But I don't wanna be a part if it if the n---as I admire and whose music I listen to is in jail. When Wayne do his six months or eight months and Tip get all the way out and Gucci is out, [we artists] can we really do it. These are the n---as that do it in hip-hop right now."