After 'Alice,' Could Tim Burton And Johnny Depp Revisit 'Edward Scissorhands'?

Prospect seems unlikely, but Depp said it's the Burton film he's most likely to revisit.

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are coming off their biggest opening weekend as collaborators ever, as [movie id="373927"]"Alice in Wonderland"[/movie] tumbled down the 3-D rabbit hole and resurfaced with $116.3 in box office sales. The duo's seventh collaboration was their most successful opening by over $60 million — beating out 2005's [movie id="240691"]"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"[/movie] — and it raises the question of what will be their eighth big-screen partnership

While all signs point to an adaptation of the '60s-era supernatural soap opera "Dark Shadows,"

late last year Burton and Depp had an amusing time considering which past film they could see themselves returning to at some point. The consensus? A sequel to 1990's [movie id="10332"]"Edward Scissorhands."[/movie]

"I suppose 'Edward Scissorhands' [is] initially the most important for me because it was a life-changing thing," Depp told MTV News last November. "It was when Tim and I met and I certainly had no expectation of getting that part."

At the time, Depp hadn't yet broken into movie mega-stardom and was known primarily for his lead role in the TV series "21 Jump Street." Burton, meanwhile, was coming off the $400-plus blockbuster "Batman." Their film grossed a respectable $56.4 million and set the stage for six further cinematic efforts.

What does Burton think about the possibility of returning to "Edward," the odd and endearing tale of a Frankenstein-like man with sharp metal prongs where his fingers should be? "I don't know," Burton laughed. "They've already done a couple of porno movies based on 'Edward Scissorhands.' It's hard to top, when you go from that to that, I don't know where you go from there."

Are we going to see more 'Edward'? Not likely. But both men look back fondly at the two-decade-old experience. "It was a great character and it was one of my favorite movies, more personal," Burton said. "And the first time working with Johnny was very exciting and felt very new. That was a special movie for me."

For his part, Depp would revisit any of his past Burton films, from "Ed Wood" to "Alice."

"I would do them all again just for the experience and the opportunity to swim in that tank again and to go through all those moments again," he said.

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