Amanda Seyfried Dishes On 'Intimate' Kissing Scene With Julianne Moore

Scene from 'Chloe' is very different from 'Jennifer's Body,' actress tells us on Oscar red carpet.

When [movieperson id="346182"]Amanda Seyfried[/movieperson] kissed Megan Fox in the demonic thriller "Jennifer's Body," Fox said her co-star seemed very nervous about the scene. But it looks like the "Dear John" star recently had another chance at a same-sex kiss, this time with Julianne Moore in the upcoming "Chloe."

"Well, the situation was very different," she told MTV News on the Oscars red carpet. "Two very different stories and very different women."

"Chloe," a remake of the French film "Natalie," is about a woman (Moore) who hires an escort (Seyfried) to test the fidelity of her husband (Liam Neeson), leading to dangerous complications.

Seyfried said she's not really getting any better at kissing women. "It'll never be easier. ... It's easier with men for sure," she said. "But the first kiss with anyone's awkward. The scene between Julianne and myself was very, very intimate and very erotic, so it was definitely a little bit harder [than in 'Jennifer's Body'], I think, but necessary."

Seyfried wasn't the only one talking about girl-on-girl kisses at the Oscars. When accepting her Best Actress award on Sunday, Sandra Bullock gushed about fellow nominee Meryl Streep and reminded the world about their kiss at the Critics' Choice Awards.

"No one expects Meryl to roll with the flow like that. Nobody knows how much fun she is," Bullock said backstage. "That's why it made the headlines. She's an awesome broad. She's an extraordinary actress, but she's also a fun human being."

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