'Spider-Man' Director Marc Webb 'Casting A Wide Net' For Peter Parker

'(500) Days of Summer' filmmaker wants to talk to 'Avatar' team about making the superhero movie in 3-D.

The fate of the new Spider-Man movie's story and the coveted role of Peter Parker remain closely guarded subjects.

New director Marc Webb, who took home a Best Screenplay award for [movie id="390766"]"(500) Days of Summer"[/movie] Friday night at the Independent Spirit Awards, wouldn't reveal any secrets on the red carpet, but he did say that he's open to different possibilities as he looks for a lead actor. He's had "cool conversations" with "(500) Days" star Joseph Gordon-Levitt about the character and communicated with "Avatar" director James Cameron about filming "Spider-Man" in 3-D. And though he wants to hear more from Cameron, Webb won't commit to Levitt or any other face to put under the mask at the moment.

"We're casting a wide net," Webb told MTV News. "That's really all I can say at this moment."

He did say the mythology behind the character fascinates him and that his interest in Spider-Man goes way back.

"I think that there's something about Peter Parker that's just — he's a legend, and that mythology is appealing to me, and it has been for a long time," the director explained. "It's really just a dream come true."

Asked about his exchanges with James Cameron and "Avatar" producer Jon Landau about 3-D possibilities for "Spider-Man," Webb wouldn't delve into specifics. He did, however, predict meetings down the road.

"I've talked to Jon [Landau] a little bit," he said. "I'd like to talk to those guys more. They're fantastic representatives for 3-D, and we'll be talking more about that, but right now, I'm doing a pilot, so my mind has been sort of consumed by that a little bit."

As for Sam Raimi, the director he will inherit Spider-Man from, Webb offered nothing but praise, noting that he still sees untapped potential. "[Raimi] did something fantastic, but I do think the mythology of Spider-Man is wide and vast," he said. "I think there's more opportunity to explore that cinematically. Sam is not only a great guy, but a fantastic director, and it's a humbling prospect, but I'm looking forward to it."

Regarding Peter Parker and Webb's own adventure into 3-D filmmaking, meanwhile, announcements may be on the way soon.

"In the coming weeks, more will unfold," he promised.

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