Olivia Wilde 'Waiting' To Watch 'Tron Legacy' Footage

'I kind of want to wait until the effects are in,' she says of watching an early version of the film.

The new 3-D trailer for "Tron Legacy" premiered with "Alice in Wonderland" this week, but actress Olivia Wilde, who co-stars with returning headliner and Oscar nominee Jeff Bridges, had a conflict Friday night (March 5) at the Independent Spirit Awards, where she was invited as a presenter. She wants to see the new spectacle soon, but she's waiting it out to watch any scenes that don't include special effects.

"I don't really want to," Wilde told MTV News when asked if she has seen any clips from the film. "They've been very cool about involving us in the process and allowing us to see stuff, but I kind of want to wait until the effects are in, because I want to be taken to another place just as the audience will be. I'm waiting for that moment."

Fans of Bridges' 1982 predecessor like Pete Wentz and Mark Hoppus had reason to put on some special glasses. Some even flew from Chicago to New York for the trailer's virally promoted advance engagement, according to director Joseph Kosinski.

Wilde may not have been able to join them, but she knows that Walt Disney's team has been out in force gauging what kind of impression "Tron Legacy" makes.

"They're all tonight going around and going into all of the theaters where 'Alice' is playing and watching the trailer and seeing the audience reaction and running to the next one," the "House" actress explained. "I'm sad that I missed that, because it sounds fun, but I'll see it at some point."

At the Golden Globes, Wilde said she "couldn't be happier" about the project, so she probably doesn't want to see any rough cuts against green screens that might lessen that high. The fans flying cross-country just to witness a taste of Kosinski's disc battles might not be capable of the same level of restraint.

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