Drake's New Single 'Over' Is 'Real Dope,' According To DJs

'I love this record,' DJ Khaled says.

Although Drake has had a string of hits on radio and in the club, from his own "Best I Ever Had" to collaborations like "Forever" and "Say Something," the pressure was on for the first official single from Thank Me Later to deliver. And, judging from the reaction he's getting from some of hip-hop's biggest tastemakers, Drizzy has another smash on his hands with "Over."

" 'Over' is real dope," DJ Statik Selektah said. "He could have chose to run with a soft, candy-coated record, but he didn't. The beat is crazy. I'm looking forward to his album!"

"I love this record," DJ Khaled told MTV News. "It's amazing! It's special! Drake did it again! It's a hit!"

"I think Drake's record is dope," said host of MTV2's "Sucker Free" and Power 105.1 on-air personality DJ Envy. "I know he had a lot of pressure and the world staring at him, but I think he delivered. He did it his way — outside the box.

Drake's song talks about how he's dealing with his fame since coming on the scene last year.

"On a couple of different levels, it's not what you might think somebody would do," DJ Green Lantern said. "Its not like, 'Let me make "Best I Ever Had" Part 2.' It's an everybody type of record."

"I put him in the box with Kanye, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne — artists that love the craft," Envy added.

"As I'm listening [to the song], I'm like, 'Yeah man. It's dope," Green Lantern said. "In the sense of the general straight-listener sense, it's a catchy song. It's a catchy song that will stick in your mind, be on repeat and connect to people. 'I'm doing me.' That was the first part that stuck out to me. The 'hood is gonna love the 'I'm doing me. I'm doing me.' That's the 'hood right there."

Green says the record has 'hood and pop appeal — it's universal.

"As Drake said before, the hipsters and the hood f---s with him, so his single has to be across the board. The Jay Electronica lovers f--- with Drake and the Lil Wayne/Gucci Mane lovers f--- with Drake, so his single has to go across the board. It's not a lot of people that could do that. Technically, the beat is different too — it's a sample. I'm like, 'This sh-- is dope.' "