New 'Runaways' Trailer: Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning Hit The Stage

'We were the first girls to rock,' Fanning's Cherie Currie says in the sneak peek.

A new trailer for the [movieperson id="266286"]Dakota Fanning[/movieperson] and [movieperson id="262629"]Kristen Stewart[/movieperson] flick [movie id="415461"]"The Runways"[/movie] debuted online Friday (March 5). In the sneak peek, fans get a taste of the chemistry between Stewart and Fanning, as well as the level of fame the all-girl rock group achieved in the '70s.

The trailer is narrated by Fanning, who plays the group's lead singer, Cherie Currie. "My name is Cherie, and my life was ready for a change," she says. "It all started with Joan [Jett, played by Stewart]. Once we met, we did what no one else thought we could do."

The girls are seen from their early meeting in a dingy club, and before long, they are playing gigs and signed to a record deal. They take the stage and ditch their mundane lives for the rock-star life of parties, shiny new clothes and hitting the road. At one point, Cherie has reservations and wants to see her family, but Joan reminds her: "Are we not your family now?"

The Runaways were known for their hard-partying ways and their unapologetic rocker personas. "People said we were a bad influence, but who were they to tell us that? We were about to make rock-and-roll history," Fanning says. "We were the first girls to rock, and we did it the only way we knew how: on our own."

The Floria Sigismondi-directed film opens March 19.

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