Fabolous Talks New Mixtape, 'Evolving' On Next Album

'I'm looking to come with another summer release,' MC says of Loso's Way 2.

Fans can stop hitting [artist id="1164800"]Fabolous[/artist] up on Twitter. It took a few more months than expected, but Fabo's Gangsta Grillz mixtape The Funeral Service: There Is No Competition 2 was uploaded to the Internet Thursday. The tape contains guest appearances from Nicki Minaj, Red Cafe, Paul Cain and others, with a slew of jacked beats and some original material. So now that the unofficial tape is out, when is Loso's Way 2 coming?

"The new album — I'm looking to come with another summer release," he said. "Probably late July or early August. I'm gathering joints together — so any producer trying to make that Loso's Way 2, you can send them in. I got a couple of things in the stash. I always keep beats on the side even if they don't work at the time. I know a hot beat when I hear it. The 'Throw It In the Bag' [remix] I had for seven, eight months before I used it. I knew it was a hot joint. When I did the remix I started digging in the crates and pulled it up. I haven't went it to start [laying] vocals [on the album] yet, but we in the motion of it."

After one of his most successful years in 2009, Fab wants to grow in 2010.

"Just the next level in the career, the evolution of Fabulous," he said of the direction of the next Loso's Way. "Me, a kid coming from the housing projects in Brooklyn and having the ability to make music, from the mixtape level to graduating to the album level, now just being able to make good music. Keep stable who I am as an artist, as a person. Of course, the next level of my life. On the first Loso's Way, I touched on having a son and stuff like that. That was the next step for me in general, in life — evolving as a man. Now there are things I'm evolving in as an artist as well."