Travis Barker Gets Tattoo In Memory Of DJ AM

Hip-to-knee piece incorporates late DJ's signature lightning bolt.

[artist id="1526529"]Travis Barker[/artist] has made a lasting tribute to his late friend and musical partner [artist id="1562979"]DJ AM[/artist]: a memorial tattoo honoring the DJ.

DJ AM: A Life In Photos

Barker posted a photo of the thigh tattoo to his Twitter account on Thursday. The nearly hip-to-knee piece reads "In Memory Of" in cursive, with AM's signature lightning bolt logo floating in a bank of clouds that have sunbeams streaming out of them. The image also incorporates a weeping angel whose head is ringed by a beaming halo.

The tat was finished on Thursday night by body artist to the stars Mister Cartoon. He's no stranger to inking Barker, having given the Blink-182 drummer a wrist tattoo of his daughter's name last year.

[article id="159530"]Barker and AM survived a 2008 plane crash[/article] in South Carolina that took the lives of four people. [article id="1622562"]AM (born Adam Goldstein) died last August[/article] of an accidental drug overdose after struggling with a relapse in the aftermath of the crash.

The drummer will [article id="1632005"]take the stage with DJ A-Trak[/article] in Hollywood for performances next Tuesday and Wednesday. The shows will be Barker's first live performances with a DJ since AM's death.

"When Travis hollered, I was definitely flattered," said A-Trak. "We started by jamming once, back in the fall, just came over to the studio, and we did, like, one hour of jamming, which we thought was maybe a half an hour.

"I just started playing records and scratching, and he was playing on top, and it went really, really naturally," A-Trak continued. "It was very fluid. And we stopped and looked at the watch, and it was like, 'Oh, we've been playing for an hour and didn't even realize it.' And I think that solidified for both of us in our minds that we could do this pretty easily."

Barker and A-Trak will perform each other's remixes as well as some new collaborations.