Snoop Dogg Gets West Coast Rappers 'Organized' On New Mixtape

'If you make good music and we are one, they're gonna get onboard,' he tells Mixtape Daily.

Don't Sleep: Necessary Notables

Mixtape: Snoop Dogg Presents: We Da West Volume One

Headliners: Snoop Dogg, DJ Whoo Kid and DJ Skee

Co-Stars: Nipsey Hussle, Kurupt, Tha Twinz, Soopafly, Katt Williams, Jay-Z and Ludacris

Essential Info: Snoop Dogg said his coast still needs to unify and the artists have to be leaders.

"All I just want is the n---as out here to see if you make good music and we are one, they're gonna get onboard and they gonna give you what you deserve," Snoop explained to DJ Whoo Kid, who hosts the tape with DJ Skee. "You gonna get your radio play, your spins. But if you ain't organized, n---as can come out here and pick and choose. They can take Nipsey, put Nipsey on a remix. Put Kurupt on a remix. They can never pick all of us and say, 'You all go on a mission. The West Fest Tour. All West Coast n---as go on tour.' "

Tha Dogg said his latest mixtape is the first of many to showcase up-and-coming talent.

"Volume One is just me bringing awareness to the artists. I have a vehicle to put their sh-- out, through people such as yourself," he told Whoo Kidd. "After this sh-- comes out, n---as need to be running to the studio. Now you can be heard and seen. Even if a n---a only hears your record once or twice, you in a new system. You not just local no more. You not just in your neighborhood. You in a world system now."

Last year, Snoop dropped his I Wanna Rock mixtape, and he said it was better than Malice N Wonderland because it was uncut.

"That sh-- was banging harder than my album, 'cause the mixtape, we don't have to make records to release to the radio," he said. "My label looking at me: 'We need a couple of songs for pop. We wanna go top 40.' Then I call these radio stations: 'Snoop Dogg, you're working on a new album. When is your album coming out?' Mutha----a, my album is out, n---a! 'Your single "Gangsta Love" is top 40.' N---a, I'm on the next single, 'I Wanna Rock.' Some gangsta sh--.

"It's so square, man," he said about working with the top 40 stations. "I'm so far in my career, I'm at the pinnacle. It's a mode I have to go to. I don't knock that, but I knock it when they say you have to do that to be successful."

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