Diddy Celebrates 'Biggie Day' With Brooklyn Party, MTV Tribute

On Tuesday, MTV Jams will play videos by Notorious B.I.G. and other late artists.

Diddy is going to the hometown of his friend and greatest artist Notorious B.I.G. next week to celebrate Big's life and legacy at Brooklyn club the Lab.

"We're trying to make March 9th a national hip-hop holiday," Diddy told MTV News. "It already is, on the low. MTV is going to have a big special. We're doing a party. I'm going to Brooklyn. It's gonna be the first time I'm throwing a party in Brooklyn. I'm from Harlem. Everybody in Harlem knows you don't usually go over the bridge to Brooklyn. It's a big, big deal. Me being such a Harlemite, I'm going over there to pay respect to my man. It's gonna be a big party in Brooklyn with Mister Cee. It's a big day. It's a day to celebrate his life. It's a day to celebrate the life of the man. We done did the movie, the records. It's something that, I guess, as a label we're obsessed with: making sure people don't forget about this man in a positive way. March 9 is Biggie Day. ... Bump Biggie all day, feel good and positive."

Diddy also said that, unlike some of the more swank shindigs like his 40th birthday party, it is not a black-tie affair. You do have to be extra fly, though.

"You could wear any of your sides of Biggie," he welcomed. "He had his 'Machine Gun Funk' attire. He had his 'Big Poppa' attire. Come as you are. Come with some positive energy. Get ready to shout his lyrics. We gonna have a special show we putting together for him. It's gonna be off the chain."

On Tuesday, MTV Jams will be playing videos by B.I.G. and a slew of other fallen musical soldiers, such as Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Aaliyah, Big Pun, the Lost Boyz and their deceased member Freaky Tah and Camoflauge. March 14 on MTV2, "Sucker Free Sunday" is running a special tribute to Biggie, hosted by Diddy.