Lil Wayne And Eminem's 'Drop The World': Check Out A Preview!

Video premieres March 11 on MTV.

Smashed TV sets, burning fires and pure chaos mark the proceedings for [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist]'s "Drop the World' music video featuring [artist id="502642"]Eminem[/artist]. An exclusive 30-second clip is available on and the video is scheduled to premiere March 11 on MTV.

Director Chris Robinson told MTV News recently that the visuals would be aggressive and feature a heavy amount of technology and in the preview, Robinson's warning is apparent.

Wayne is standing at the crossroads of an abandoned block and as he raps the song's chorus — "I'm gonna pick the world up and drop it on your

f---ing head" — while looters run back and forth, smashing items and making sure pandemonium ensues.

Robinson described the shoot as "just energy" and raved about Eminem's entrance.

"You got two guys who are basically huge supernovas coming together, and the way that the song is constructed is great," he said. "Because unless you see it coming, you don't know Eminem is on the track. The first two hooks and the first two verses are all Wayne, and it's kind of a surprise when Eminem comes through, and we matched it visually how

Eminem enters the piece. From the concept and to just hearing the lyrics, with both of these amazing lyricists killing it, the whole video is just energy."

In the clip, a comet strikes the sky and seconds later Eminem appears among the debris. Wayne then joins Em as the two pose for cameras.

"It hurts but I'll never show/ 'Cause pain you'll never know/ If only you could see how lonely and how cold/ And frostbit I've become," the Detroit MC kicks off the third verse, singing his flow.

The collaboration is from Wayne's rock-leaning effort Rebirth. Wayne had long sought out Shady to join forces with him on a record. They were both part of the all-star "Forever," also featuring Kanye West and Drake, but fans clamored for just the two superstar lyricists to appear on a song together. However, it wasn't until recently that Eminem was available, after working on his comeback album and battling his drug addiction.

"There hasn't really necessarily been a time for me to go to collaborate and sh-- lately, because I been so locked down in the studio," Eminem said. "But I'm open for whatever. There's a lot of rappers in the game I respect, especially right now."