Fire That Delayed Lil Wayne Sentencing Ruled An Accident

Smoke was caused by an electrical miscue in the basement of the courthouse.

The fire that caused Lil Wayne's sentencing to be delayed twice this week has been deemed an accident, according to the New York Daily News.

The smoke was caused by an electrical miscue in the basement of the courthouse, and as a result, the building was evacuated. The Manhattan Criminal Court building was later closed for the afternoon, which resulted in a number of hearings to be postponed, most notably Lil Wayne's. Scaled-down proceedings took place Wednesday (March 3), but an official confirmed to MTV News in the morning that the Cash Money Records lyricist would not be sentenced until Monday.

The courthouse was closed Wednesday as operations moved to a smaller building across the street.

"For losing the biggest courthouse in the state, we're doing pretty well," a spokesman for the Office of Court Administration told the Daily News. "We expected it to be a bit messy, but we're still up and running."

Lil Wayne will now have through the weekend until he faces Judge Charles H. Solomon. The rapper reached a plea deal with prosecutors in November, and as a result, he will serve a one-year prison term. He is expected to turn himself in immediately after formal sentencing.

On Tuesday night, Wayne appeared at Madison Square Garden alongside Young Jeezy during Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 Tour.

As of press time, it's unclear if the superstar MC will stay in New York or return to Miami, where he resides. His lawyer, Stacey Richman, suggested Florida would be better to spend his remaining free time. "Maybe he's going to go home for the weekend," Richman said. "I think I would — the weather's nicer down there."