Lil Wayne And Eminem's 'Drop The World': Go Behind The Scenes!

Video premieres March 11 on MTV.

[artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] has been recording music and filming videos at a feverish pace as he waits — and waits — to begin his one-year prison term in New York, which has been delayed three times and is now scheduled for Monday.

One of the most anticipated videos Weezy has on deck is Rebirth's "Drop the World," featuring Eminem. A preview of the Chris Robinson-directed clip has appeared online.

The video is scheduled to premiere March 11 on MTV.

In the clip, the superstar rappers can be seen together during Em's portion; Wayne serves as the hypeman to Slim Shady as they both mug for the cameras while standing in front of a green screen.

Robinson spoke to MTV News about the video, which he promised would be aggressive and use new technology.

In another scene, Wayne is seen performing in front of a riot occurring behind him. The broken glass, fire and commotion fit with the track, a raucous collaboration that finally sees Wayne and Em collaborating on a song that features just the two of them (they previously collaborated on Drake's "Forever").

Robinson, who's worked with Wayne in the past, said Eminem brought a comic relief to the set, which was filmed in one day on the eve of the 2010 Grammy Awards.

"He was a down-to-earth dude, very funny," Robinson told MTV News. "He was cracking jokes all the time. Sometimes on a set it can get grueling, but I found Em's whole crew to be cool."

It was the first time Robinson had worked with the Detroit rap star.

Robinson had a long list of credits, including most of T.I.'s standout videos. The director also has a movie credit under his belt, again working with Tip, for his debut "ATL."

But the veteran director said working with Eminem was its own unique experience, noting that it made him feel like a fan again.

"It was the first time I ever met Em and I felt like I was 18 again," Robinson explained. "I was like, 'I'm here with Lil Wayne and Eminem!' Still, to have that kind of feeling, 'Wow, I'm shooting with these guys,' it was good. It wasn't just another day, it felt very special."