Pamela Anderson's 'Dancing With The Stars' Style Will Be 'Skin, Skin, Skin'

'She's like a showgirl at heart,' friend and fashion designer Richie Rich tells MTV News.

While the world just learned Monday that Pamela Anderson had joined the "Dancing With the Stars" cast for season 10, her pal and fashion designer Richie Rich was in on the decision days before it was announced.

"I was just with her this weekend," the Heatherette mastermind told MTV News when he stopped by the newsroom to talk Oscars fashion. "She's one of my best friends. She's starting rehearsals this week. She's totally stoked and excited. She probably has the best legs I've ever seen on anybody that walks. I know she's taking a lot of different lessons. She's very on point. She's like a showgirl at heart. I can only imagine how amazing she's going to be."

And while she has a vote of confidence from Richie, Anderson isn't as convinced about her abilities on the dance floor. "Pam's funny, 'cause she's, like, tongue-in-cheek and she jokes, 'I don't know how to dance!' " Rich said. "She's so great on point. She's a great spinner. I was an ice skater, so we always joke and dance around. I don't think she's really nervous. I think she's just excited."

Richie said the only advice he's given Anderson about the show is to win. "I just told her to keep her eye on the prize. I don't really have to tell her much, 'cause she's so focused on doing it right," he said, adding that he'll be stopping by the show to cheer her on. "I think Pam's gonna win. I think she's gonna go for the gold. She puts her mind to something, and she does an amazing job. She's a blonde. She should win."

Being that Richie is known for his over-the-top style, he would make for the perfect guy to design a few looks for Anderson to swirl in. "I'll definitely do something for her," he said. "I'll design something fun and outrageous and Vegas-style. ... She's so easy to dress. Boom! Put it on.

"I definitely think it's the Ice Capades meets Christmas. Gotta be over-the-top shiny, sparkly, colorful and fun ... and wearable," he continued. "Pamela doesn't like wearing clothes, so it'll definitely be skin, skin, skin."