'Twilight' Star Kellan Lutz Says 'Eclipse' Action Is 'Badass'

'The action really drew me in and I think the guys are really going to like this movie,' actor says.

[movie id="420622"]"Eclipse"[/movie] will be hitting a theater near you on June 30 and one of the film's stars, [movieperson id="438091"]Kellan Lutz[/movieperson], insisted that the film will be the perfect date-night flick. Why? Well, according to him, the third installment of the "Twilight Saga" has plenty of action to keep the boyfriends of the world entertained.

"I did [see some of 'Eclipse'] ... and it's badass," Lutz told MTV News on the red carpet at Cosmopolitan magazine's 2010 Fun Fearless Males party. "The action really drew me in and I think the guys are really going to like this movie."

Fans will get a taste of the action in the trailer, set to premiere on March 12 before Robert Pattinson's "Remember Me," and Lutz said he is excited for Twihards to see him get his action-hero on. "... I enjoy doing action movies. I enjoy being, you know, fighting and stuff like there, but there's a lot of action [this time around]. A lot more than the love story."

Ashley Greene has also said that this is a flick that will certainly appeal to the male audience and Lutz told MTV News last fall at the New York screening of "New Moon" that the cast worked hard to make sure they got the action just right. "We went through the six weeks of fight training ... and they trained us so well that we just dominated our choreography moves," he shared. "And they're going to look really cool."

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