Lil Wayne And Young Money's 'Roger That' Video Premieres

The clip is one of almost 20 shot before Weezy's impending jail time.

Lil Wayne has filmed footage for nearly 20 videos to be released during his forthcoming jail sentence — which was postponed again Tuesday (March 2) due to a courthouse fire — and the blitz began Monday with the premiere of Young Money's graphic-novel-inspired "Roger That" clip.

The clip features Nicki Minaj, Tyga and Wayne in a green-screen-heavy version of the 2005 film "Sin City." Nicki, stationed in a black-and-white, oversaturated depiction of Manhattan, raps first from a heart-shaped bed and then from the first-class section of an airplane. Her pink hair swings as she rhymes, "Just hopped off the plane came back from Vancouv/ Little white tees, some boobs and bamboos/ White girls tell me, 'Hey, Nicki, your camp rules!' "

Stationed in a sketched version of Los Angeles, Tyga is next up in the clip and is dressed as a pilot in a leather bomber jacket and aviator glasses. In the next scene, the heavily tattooed rapper performs in a nightclub to an all-female audience that looks straight out of a noir detective novel. "Young black ricos kill for the C-notes/ But me, though, I jack son/ ... She wanna play games, but this is not bingo," Tyga spits.

Finally, Weezy himself raps voraciously, sporting a black baseball cap and white tee. "I'm a beast, you a pet, long neck, Keith Sweat/ Weezy f---ing Baby, capo in this bitch/ Money talks so have a convo in this bitch wit' me," the MC raps while bouncing around on the screen.

This might have been just one video in a long line of clips, but Wayne and the crew look like they had a great time. Hopefully, that feeling will last for the entirety of the New Orleans rapper's impending sentence.