Exclusive: Lil Wayne Talks Pre-Jail Dental Surgery In New Clip

'If I'm talking a little funny, I'm fresh out of the surgery,' Weezy says before Tuesday's sentencing.

Nino Brown: Road to Rikers, Part Five

Seven more videos in one night — Lil Wayne was handling his business on Saturday. Early Sunday afternoon, while watching the Miami Heat take on the Orlando Magic, Weezy was taking a short break but had already mapped out his night.

The man you can find on Twitter as @liltunechi sent in another clip exclusively to MTV News before he is sentenced to prison for attempted gun possession on Tuesday and begins serving his time. In the new video, Weezy is at his Miami home laying out his Sunday night activities.

"I'm back, fresh out of the surgery," says Wayne, whose sentencing was postponed last month due to dental surgery. "If I'm talking a little funny, I'm fresh out of the surgery. If I'm talking a little funny, I'm still days from the medicines. My words may slur, but my grill's back, bi---! Still got two days left [before I go in]. I lost count. We shot seven videos last night. Tonight, we gonna eat, then go to the studio, then we gonna get some verses in and party with Stunna tonight at Liv [nightclub]. I still haven't got no [sex]. This is becoming an America alert. This is a tragedy."

In a previous online video, Wayne had addressed how his work schedule was interfering with him having sex: "You can tell I've been working hard. Sleeping alone. I've been sleeping with my clothes on."

On Sunday night at Miami's Liv nightclub, Wayne was supposed to attend yet another birthday party for the Birdman (the Cash Money CEO has been celebrating his b-day since around Valentine's Day with parties across the country). The shindig turned into a surprise farewell party for the Birdman Jr.

Wayne was presented with a cake that read "Keep Your Head Up Weezy! We Love U." Besides the Birdman — who debuted four new star tattoos on his head — Young Money artist Shanell also attended as the newest signee to Cash Money Records. Bow Wow, Mack Maine and Amber Rose were also there.

Wayne and DJ Scoob Doo are also filming the reality DVD "The Nino Brown Story Part 3." The first two installments are available at DJ Scoob Doo's Web site.

Check back with MTV News for more on Wayne's "Road to Rikers."