French Montana Says Debut Album Needs To Be A 'Masterpiece'

'I'm not no overnight rapper,' Akon signee tells Mixtape Daily.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

French Montana is in no rush to put out his debut album. One of Akon's newest signees said he has enough money to continue serving up material through mixtapes, such as his latest, Mac Wit Da Cheese 2. His first album has to be classic, French said.

"My album is set for late summer," French said last week while shooting a video for his mixtape track "Bad Habits," with guest Bun B. "It's called Excuse My French. I'm just working. I wanna come with a masterpiece, man. I'm not no overnight rapper. I'm comfortable with where I'm at. My followers are my real followers. I ain't no phase. I'm here to stay. [The release] could be late summer, it could come out past then, as long as it's a masterpiece when we put it out. ... You gotta understand, that's what they gonna remember you for, your first album. Biggie's Ready to Die, UGK's first album — you wanna come with the same thing. The title gotta live up to the music."

Bun and French share a mutual respect for each other's grinds, Montana said.

"The video is called 'Bad Habits,' " Montana explained. "Everybody got a bad habit. I sent [the track] to Bun. Bun heard it, laid the verse in like five minutes. I sent it to him, he called me back in five minutes. I was like, 'Oh my God.' "

"I was in the lab, I was already in that zone," Bun added. "It was something that I felt made sense, that I felt represented his movement, repped my movement, and we spoke to people on a real level. That's one thing about UGK music. We can't be fabricating sh--. We kept it real with each other."

Streets Is Talking: News And Notes From The Underground

French isn't the only new guy Akon is looking to put out. The worldwide superstar just signed Southern California's Ya Boy to his Kon Live company.

"Ya Boy is one of the hardest workers today. ... He's an amazing artist that never got a chance to shine," Akon said in a statement. "He never gave up, and now he has a chance to shine not only on the West Coast, but internationally."

Ya Boy's new LP should be out later this year.

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