Jay-Z's NYC Show Will 'Shut Everything Down,' Memphis Bleek Says

Hov is returning to Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night.

By this time on Tuesday, Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek should be preparing to go on in their house. Hov's BP3 tour hits New York's Madison Square Garden that night — a place where the Jiggaman has astounded thousands of fans with a multitude of guest spots, surprises and even a "farewell" concert. While no one knows what Jay will pull out of his bag of tricks, Memphis Bleek — who always performs with Jay in concert — says to expect an evolution of sound.

"This run is gonna shut everything down, because everything is live now. No more playback. The band plays everything. You gotta come check it out," Jay's former neighbor in the Marcy Projects revealed.

Bleek also said that while Hov parades out an endless array of classics, there are some songs he himself wants to hear that didn't make the setlist.

"Now that's what I don't have," Bleek said about input on what Jay performs. "Jay, he don't be listening to me. He clips a lot of records, a lot of records Jay don't do that I be wanting him to do. If Jay did 'Imaginary Players' — you know what will happen in that building? 'Streets Is Watching,' records like that, they don't come on. That boy's hit catalog is crazy."

Over the weekend, Jay, Bleek and opening acts Young Jeezy and Trey Songz hit the Philips Arena in Atlanta. The sold-out crowd saw Jeezy bring out surprise guest Plies; Trey soothed the ladies and Jay threw knockout blows such as "D.O.A." and "On to the Next One."

Bleek says traveling with Jay from city to city is a lot different for him this time.

"For me it's a new movement," he said. "They ain't let me bring my bus out, my Gs out this time — they clipped my bus! They say I gotta ride on the G5 this time everywhere. Usually I'm stuck on the middle of the road, nowhere with my peoples. Now, I'm riding with the A group.

"Catch me after tour, I might be acting different," he added with a laugh. "I'm moving up. I might act different: They say when you blow up, you act different."

After the BP3 tour finishes in Los Angeles late this month, Bleek said he wants to embark on a solo tour to promote his upcoming album, The Process.

"We gotta get the music out first," Memph determined. "Once we get the music out, the shows will come. I turn down a lot of shows because I don't want to perform old records. I'm tired of singing 'Is That Your Chick,' 'Do My ...' I been doing that. I need to add to the catalog. That's what The Process is gonna do."