Kanye West Commends Soulja Boy's 'Hard' New Tracks

'Out of all the artists to get the go-ahead or the co-sign from, it was Kanye,' Soulja tells MTV News.

NEW YORK — [artist id="2814953"]Soulja Boy Tell'em[/artist] has vowed to prove himself as an MC on his next album, [article id="1632469"]The DeAndre Way.[/article]

For the effort, the rapper has already said he wants [article id="1611119"]Jay-Z and Eminem onboard[/article]. So far, he's been [article id="1626203"]in the studio with Kanye West[/article], and Soulja said 'Ye was impressed with his upgraded material.

"When I was in the studio, I played him a couple of joints, and then he just said, 'Damn, he's really starting to go hard,' " Soulja Boy told MTV News on the red carpet of [article id="1632824"]BET's "Rip the Runway."[/article] "And I was like, 'Yeah, you feel me?' ... Out of all the artists to get the go-ahead or the co-sign from, it was Kanye."

Recently, Soulja Boy and West have been collaborating on material for 'Ye's next album. West requested the teen sensation to help produce tracks for him.

Soulja Boy spoke to MTV News late last year, after he created three tracks "back-to-back-to-back" for West, and said the sessions were beneficial to both musicians.

"Me working with him, collaborating on different beats," he said of working with West. "Him showing me a lot of stuff I didn't know. Me showing him a lot of stuff he didn't know. He had an ear for my sound. Of course I had an ear for all the stuff he did. Genius! You know what I mean?"