Robert Pattinson Says He's Seen 'Eclipse' Trailer

The 'Twilight' star stops by 'Today' to chat about 'Remember Me,' ageless vampires and more.

Robert Pattinson's fans will see the [article id="1632188"]first trailer for "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse"[/article] when they go to check out his newest flick, [article id="1632821"]"Remember Me,"[/article] opening March 12. But the "Twilight" star has already been treated to the film's forthcoming trailer.

"I haven't seen [the movie] yet. I just saw the trailer yesterday," Pattinson told Matt Lauer when he stopped by the "Today" show on Monday (March 1).

"I don't have anything particularly against vampires," he responded the question of whether he'd be done with bloodsuckers after filming [article id="1632818"]"Breaking Dawn," which could be split into two movies[/article]. "I really honestly don't mind if it's two [movies]. They're great fun to work on and people really like them, so I could do them for a while longer. I just don't know if I'm going to look 17 for very much longer."

Right now, however, Pattinson is focused on making sure he can properly promote "Remember Me." "I'm just treading water," he joked of trying to describe his "Rebel Without a Cause"-style character. "When I first read the script, there seemed to be something about it, it didn't really feel like a film. There seemed like there was a reason to do it. There was something special about it, and I thought every part of it helped it become what it is."

Pattinson talked about his headline-grabbing interview and racy photo shoot for a [article id="1631934"]recent issue of Details.[/article] "If I didn't have to do interviews, then I wouldn't do interviews," he said. "Nothing against anyone. I mean no one's particularly interesting. If you just do pat answers to things, people get sick of you for that. When you try and think of something to say, then people get sick of you for that."

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