Inward Eye Pay Tribute To Vancouver At Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony

Winnipeg-based band electrifies BC Place along with a mass of snowboarders.

The 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver ended with a massive victory for Team Canada over Team USA in men's hockey, marking one of the single greatest athletic achievements in Canadian history and leading to an energetic and celebratory performance by Winnipeg rockers "Inward Eye" during the closing ceremony Sunday (February 28).

Consisting of brothers Dave, Kevin and Anders Erickson, Inward Eye led the charge as a mass of snowboarders flooded the floor of BC Place and gathered around the lit torches at the center of the stadium. The band provided an upbeat rendition of the song "Vancouver," leading the thousands of people gathered before the stage to leap up and down with unrestrained bliss, chanting the words "Oh, oh, oh, Vancouver" along with the members of the band.

"Wow, that was a crazy feeling stepping out in front of 65,000 people and a few billion watching at home," lead singer Dave Erickson wrote on the band's MySpace page shortly after the energetic performance. "All I could think was, 'Don't fall off the stage!' "

Commentator and sports journalist Bob Costas described the Inward Eye performance as representative of the differences between the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies. "The opening ceremony is long on ceremonial aspects and protocol; the closing is much less so," he assessed. "It's a big party, and it will go long into the Vancouver night."

The sibling trio of Inward Eye have performed together since 1997, but the band only recently launched its debut album, Throwing Bricks Instead of Kisses, in August. Following the conclusion of their worldwide television debut, it's likely Inward Eye status in the global music scene is only just beginning.

"It feels good right now," Erickson said. "Time to kick back and enjoy the moment."