Ben Stiller Wants 'Zoolander 2' To Include Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell

How will male models Derek and Hansel return to the runway, 10 years later?

Since 2001, comedy lovers have eagerly anticipated the further adventures of fashion icon Derek Zoolander, the dimwitted but goodhearted protagonist at the center of Ben Stiller's "Zoolander." Now, a decade later, the really, really, really good-looking model is set to stroll down the theatrical catwalk once more, as Stiller has confirmed to MTV News recent reports suggesting that a "Zoolander" sequel is in the works.

"Yes, it is true," Stiller said in an exclusive interview with MTV. "We're in the process of getting a script written, so it's in the early stages. But yeah, it's going to happen."

According to Stiller, "Zoolander 2" will focus on how the fashion industry has changed in the 10 years since moviegoers last saw Derek.

"In the fashion world, if you go away for a year, it's changed — it just happens so quickly," he said. "I think the idea in the beginning of the movie is that it's 10 years later, and Derek and Hansel [Owen Wilson's character] are literally forgotten. Nobody remembers who they are, so they have to reinvent themselves."

In addition to Wilson's character, Stiller said he's hoping for the return of Mugatu, the original film's villain played by Will Ferrell. "If Will says yes, he definitely has to be part of it," said the comedian. "To me, Mugatu is one of the classic screen villains of all time."

While "Zoolander 2" will explain what Derek and Hansel have been up to over the years, many of the film's fans have wondered why it's taken so long for a sequel to emerge. Stiller said that he's tried for years to figure out how to proceed with another installment, noting that the death of "Zoolander" co-creator Drake Sather in 2004 was a difficult obstacle to overcome. "For a long time, that was the hardest thing for me to figure out how to move forward through," he said. "Now, I think we have."

The "Zoolander 2" breakthrough owes thanks not just to Stiller and "Tropic Thunder" writer Justin Theroux, who is possibly directing the developing sequel, but also to other collaborators including original "Zoolander" writer John Hamburg and "Get Him to the Greek" director Nick Stoller.

"We're going to take the best of what we have," Stiller said of the current "Zoolander" game plan. "We have a new story idea that we feel excited about, and we're going to try to go forward."

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