Daniel Radcliffe Is 'Hypnotized' By Olympic Curling

'It's that thing where they go really slow — and then they go mental for a few seconds!' the 'Harry Potter' star explains.

When the Olympics are going on, as they have been for the past few weeks, we are a country torn asunder. Some people watch them, some watch anything but them, and a small-but-increasingly vocal minority would undoubtedly love to have Quidditch included in competition. Recently, we caught up with "Harry Potter" star [movieperson id="264615"]Daniel Radcliffe[/movieperson] who, while discussing his work with the Trevor Project (a nonprofit suicide- and crisis-prevention hotline for gay and questioning youth), was eager to express some thoughts that should delight all three factions.

"As a Brit, the winter Olympics aren't something you get all heads-up about," the London-born star explained. "But I have been watching a bit of the hockey."

Excuse us? The boy wizard is a fan of the blue-collar sport overflowing with bruises, blood and beer-soaked fans? But wait, it gets weirder.

"I've been amazed at how much I've been [enjoying] curling," Radcliffe said of another sport he likes watching, one that is as intrinsically Canadian as it is endearingly silly-looking. "[I like it] just because it demands so little of you to watch it."

Always diplomatic, the 20-year-old star stopped short of dissing curling. "It's a highly skilled thing, I'm sure," Radcliffe said of curling. "But to actually watch it is very easy. It's like you're being hypnotized or something!

"It's sweeping!" he laughed. "It's that thing where they go really slow — and then they go mental for a few seconds! I love it. So I've been getting into the curling; Sweden got caned last night by Canada."

Radcliffe loves the Olympic sport so much, in fact, that he said once Harry's Quidditch days are over, he may trade in his Nimbus 2000 for a different sort of broom.

"I could be [a curling athlete]; yeah, there we go," Radcliffe laughed. "When 'Potter' finishes, I can do that."