Matt Damon Gets In The 'Bourne' Zone At 'Green Zone' Premiere

With a new flick with director Paul Greengrass set for release, fans want to know if they'll make another 'Bourne' flick.

NEW YORK — Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass may not be reuniting any time soon for the next "Bourne" flick, but the pair very excitedly showed up to the premiere of their latest collaboration, [movie id="335414"]"Green Zone,"[/movie] in New York on Thursday night, where not even a blizzard could keep them away from answering all those burning "Bourne" questions.

"I love working with him and I hope to work with him a bunch more times. He's an incredible director and he makes it really fun," Damon told MTV News. "But also I think he really puts everybody in the best position to do good work as actors. So I think that's why actors really like working with him."

So, could it be they may work together again on the next "Bourne" film? Well, it seems that's all anyone wants to know. "Is there going to be another Bourne movie?" he joked about his most-asked fan question, but didn't seem to want to divulge if that would happen.

And while fans still search for answers about their next flick together, Damon is on the prowl for weapons of mass destruction in the wartime thriller, "Green Zone," which the pair worked on together. And he thinks that it makes for the perfect plot for that genre of film, opening on March 12.

"It's a great one for a kind of action thriller, you know, because it's a simple question. And ultimately in movies, you're trying to tell a story in two hours and simple, strong themes are really good," he explained. "And this is the classic thriller architecture where your protagonist starts with thinking one thing, realizes that things aren't what they seem and then tries to figure out what's going on. It's a very simple thing to follow but if it's done well it's really exciting."

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