Ellen DeGeneres Talks About Her First Week On 'American Idol'

Comedian jokes about Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest during Friday's episode of her talk show.

Let's face it: everyone had a rough first week on "American Idol." The guys, for the most part, tanked, and the women were only marginally better. Even the judges had some difficulties, with Simon Cowell looking visibly bored at times, the other panelists seeming a bit off and new addition to the panel Ellen

DeGeneres appearing to suffer from the same case of nerves that affected many of the contestants.

But no matter what the critics say, Ellen had a blast at her new gig. The veteran comedian discussed her first week of live "Idol" shows on the episode of her talk show airing Friday (February 26). "It's been a fun week," she told her in-studio audience. "I'll tell ya, I like being live because anything can happen on live television."

Despite being seated at the other end of the judges' table from Cowell, DeGeneres said that one of the British judge's plunging necklines allowed her to get an eyeful of his chest on Thursday night.

"Yesterday, Simon had so many buttons open on his shirt he almost had a wardrobe malfunction," she joked.

DeGeneres spent some time talking about the differences between watching "Idol" at home and experiencing it live. "I've watched from home for years and years and now I get to see what happens behind the scenes. It's different, very different. I always knew that Ryan worked hard, but I had no idea during the commercial breaks he works another job selling Mary Kay cosmetics."

After discussing the in-studio sound of the contestants' live vocals, she reiterated how "totally different" the music comes across in person than it does on television. "The mix is different in the studio, so everyone sounds one way in the studio and then I go home and I listen to it," she said. "You know, in the studio Simon has a Texas accent and he's the sweetest guy. He's totally hairless. Totally different, totally."

DeGeneres is bringing a blend of good-natured comedy and boundless enthusiasm for "Idol" to the judges' panel, and she continued that vibe on her own show on Friday. "It's really exciting, though. There's energy and excitement in the studio, and there is a lot of suspense," she said. "That's what they do. They build up tension and nerves. I won't do that to you, though. I'm going to tell right now who I think is going to win. I think the person who's going to win is ... a girl or a guy."

Ellen will be back judging the 20 remaining hopefuls next Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday night, four more contestants will be sent home, and last year's third-place finisher Danny Gokey, will perform his new single, "My Best Days Are Ahead of Me."

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