'Cop Out' Stars Tracy Morgan And Bruce Willis Are 'Discovering Each Other'

'I learned a lot,' Morgan says of working with co-star Willis.

When we recently caught up with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, they were eager to discuss their new comedy "Cop Out," their budding friendship and the possibility of ... a sequel?

Morgan plays Paul Hodges, a cop who works with his buddy Jimmy Monroe, played by Willis. The two set out to find a stolen vintage baseball card and while doing so encounter several other crimes revolving around gangsters, money laundering and everything else short of ripping tags off mattresses.

After spending months together on set in their unlikely pairing, Tracy Morgan told us that he and Bruce were still in the process of "discovering each other." Pulling out some lines from what sounded like a relationship self-help book, Morgan said, "You can live with somebody all your life and still not know them and who they are and all that. But that's the thing about me and Bruce — we're still discovering each other."

According to Morgan, more discoveries between the two men might take place in the future. "Wait till the sequel comes out," he teased.

These days, the entire "Cop Out" team seems to be exploring new turf. Director Kevin Smith is making his first film — after 15 years — that he didn't write, Bruce Willis is following up decades of cop roles with his first one that shoots for comedy success and as for Morgan? Well, the "30 Rock" funnyman has been known to wield a mighty powerful sense of humor, but certainly isn't an action star.

"[Bruce Willis] taught me how to do the suave [moves] — how to look like a Brooklyn cop. I learned a lot," Morgan explained. "I'm from the other side of the spectrum. I'm from comedy and making people laugh. I've never shot a gun.

"Despite the fact that I'm black," Morgan joked. "I didn't even know how to hold a gun."

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