Yung Berg Says Robbery Story Is A 'Lie'

'It's crazy to me how one lie ... could do these type of things,' he says of tabloid reports.

Yung Berg says it wasn't him this time. TMZ reported that Berg was one of the victims robbed for over $10,000 in cash and jewelry at a home in L.A. over the weekend. On Thursday (February 25), Berg told MTV News he has not been robbed and hasn't even been in Los Angeles.

"No, I been in Las Vegas," Berg, born Christian Ward, said flatly. "It's crazy to me how one lie from one person when you in the limelight and got this type of shine, one lie could do these type of things. I wasn't going to speak about it because it was lie — the unfortunate thing is I got a family [that worries]. So my mom start calling me, my dad start calling me, 'Are you hurt? Something wrong with you?' There's nothing wrong with me — I'm pretty as a newborn baby."

According to LAPD spokesperson Richard French, a home invasion and robbery happened around 1 a.m. at a house party in the 2200 block of Mulholland Drive in L.A. Four suspects — two males and two females — came to the party with handguns and robbed the partygoers of cash and jewelry. Police said that of the eight victims, two were pistol-whipped. French said there were multiple witnesses but added that he could not name the victims or the owner of the house.

Multiple reports have claimed that the home in question was either owned by Interscope Records or one of their marquee artists, Diddy. The reps for the label and Diddy refuted the claims in Monday's edition of the Los Angeles Times.

"As far as we have been able to tell in this short time, we have never owned or rented a house at this address for any purpose," Interscope publicist Yvette Gayle told the publication. The Times also reported that Diddy's publicist Keesha Johnson said it was "completely inaccurate" to link Combs to the house. "Sean is not affiliated with the property in any capacity."

Ironically, Berg says his production work is going to be featured heavily on Diddy-Dirty Money's upcoming Last Train to Paris LP. Berg claims to have helped producer Rob Holladay produce the single "Love Come Down." [Hip-Hop editor's note: Holladay is the only producer credited on the song, according to Interscope Records.] The young rapper said TMZ contacted him before their story went out and he told them it was untrue.

"I don't know if it's somebody I know that called them and trying to do some fraud stuff," Berg said. "They called my phone — they called my line the day before they put it out. I'm thinking it's a prank. How did they get my phone number? I'm playing along, laughing with them, then I'm like, 'I been in Vegas, dog. Don't put that out.' They were like, 'I got a deadline.' It was crazy. It was like a movie. To be in the Palms [hotel] recording, then get a phone call, 'This is such and such.' It is what it is. I'm blessed. I'm healthy, I'm doing my thing." (A spokesperson for TMZ had not returned our calls as of press time.)