Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Get Romantic In 'When I Look At You' Video

Track is from the real-life couple's upcoming movie, 'The Last Song.'

[artist id="2408193"]Miley Cyrus[/artist] is a girl with a piano, a song and a hunky co-star in her new music video for "When I Look at You." The track is Cyrus' single from her film, "The Last Song," set for release in March. And director Adam Shankman, who produced the flick, managed to capture the feeling of the film's romance in the clip.

The ballad's video opens with a shot of a piano on a pier and from there we see a close-up of Cyrus, Hemsworth's feet and then back to the piano. Soon Cyrus is playing the piano and continues to do so for most of the video. In fact, when she isn't sharing longing looks or locking lips with Hemsworth, she's at the piano, playing it in the woods, at the beach and in her front yard.

There are shots of Cyrus singing about her dream boy in the woods and in fields of wheat. Her scenes with Hemsworth are incredibly relaxed and natural, no doubt due to the fact that the pair are a real-life couple. Although the video's only overt reference to "The Last Song" is the romance between Cyrus and Hemsworth, it's pretty clear by the locale and the aforementioned storyline that this is meant to get Cyrus' fans excited for the film's release.

Cyrus is definitely growing up, something she's wanted to prove to the world for a while now. And although there's nothing particularly jarring in the clip, the vibe shows that Cyrus is most certainly ready to leave "Hannah Montana" behind.

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