Roscoe Dash Says 'All The Way Turnt Up' Is 'New Age Crunk'

'Roscoe, he goes hard,' Soulja Boy Tell'em says.

Roscoe Dash's "All the Way Turnt Up" is so hot that artists such as Ludacris and Lupe Fiasco had to jump on it and put it on their mixtapes — but Soulja Boy Tell'em openly lobbied via Twitter to appear on the record officially.

"When I first heard the 'All the Way Turnt Up' song, Roscoe reminded me of myself," Soulja said recently on the Atlanta set of the video. "I was like, 'That sounds like a "Turn My Swag On" times 10. I gotta get on that. Roscoe, he goes hard."

Dash, who is a new signee to Soulja Boy's recording home Interscope Records, obliged the request.

"The definition of 'All the Way Turnt Up' is a new age crunk — a 2010 crunk," said Dash, whose stage surname was inspired by the fastest of "The Incredibles." "I'm not afraid to be different, or do things other people would be afraid to do or do different because they're afraid of what somebody else might say. I don't have that thought process."

"Turnt Up" went through some controversy last year when Dash, born Jeffrey Johnson Jr., had guest stars Travis Porter on the record. They put the song out on their mixtape and fans thought the record was actually Travis Porter featuring ATL (Dash's former moniker) instead of the other way around. The trio have been dropped from the song, as Roscoe is trying to forge his own brand.

"When I heard the beat I said, 'I have to make something different than anything that's out right now,' " Dash explained. "Roscoe Dash is somebody who's versatile and has a big wide body of different sounds. I just run with it and make good music."

The video for "All the Way Turnt Up" premieres soon and Dash's debut album Ready Set Go! is slated for a May 11 release.