Waka Flocka Flame: 'I'm Not Into Being Lyrical'

'I know words — I'm just trying to get crunk,' MC says.

[artist id="3443335"]Waka Flocka Flame[/artist] knows how to ignite controversy. He recently called up to DJ Whoo Kid's radio show and gave his take on microphone wordplay.

"I don't got no lyrics," Flocka told Whoo Kid and the DJ's special guest co-hosts, the staff of XXL magazine.

"The n---as who they say is lyrical, they ain't got no shows ... that ain't finnin' to get you no money."

Flocka, who has nearly recovered from a robbery in which he was shot last month, stopped by the MTV News offices Tuesday and clarified his statements.

"They twist that around ... I just said personally, me, I'm not into being lyrical," Waka explained. "I read all the time. I know words. I'm just trying to get crunk. I'm not trying to be off the dome, do a million words in five minutes — I'm not into that. If I'm getting crunk, I'll start your party. If you got the lyrics, that's cool. I'm not blocking your party. People say, 'Go listen to such and such. Get some knowledge.' I'm like, 'You wasn't even born when that person was rocking.' That's how it goes. I like lyrical people. You gotta like other music — but me personally, I'm not into that."

"He's bringing a very naïve outlook," said friend Nicki Minaj, who is also managed by Flocka's mom Debra Antney. " ... He doesn't spend a lot of time thinking, 'What should I write to this?' Sometimes you get so kinda, like, jaded — you feel nothing is good enough. But he's at that place, it's a fun place. He's writing what comes naturally to him, saying things as if he was talking. It's natural and it's his truth. He's dope."

"I'm not going lyrical, hard in the studio," Waka insisted, hinting he may take a slightly different approach when he releases songs that are not just for the streets. "It ain't time for me to do that. This ain't no album, this is my mixtapes. Why I gotta go spend 30 hours [writing rhymes] off of a mixtape? Then I got other people dissing me for saying that. You crazy. You giving me that much time out of 24 hours, you not doing your job. That's my word to you."