Kristen Stewart Says New Role Is 'Stark Contrast' To 'Twilight'

'I think that Martine is definitely ... closed off and not really open to people,' actress says of her character in 'The Yellow Handkerchief.'

In [movieperson id="262629"]Kristen Stewart's[/movieperson] new movie, [movie id="338324"]"The Yellow Handkerchief,"[/movie] she plays Martine, a girl very different from Bella Swan.

"I mean, I think that Martine is definitely ... I think the stark contrast is that she's incredibly closed off and not really open to people," she told MTV News. "Because she's sort of, like, the type of girl who's put herself out there wanting to be, like, the type of girl who can smile and be in the middle of everything and has been shot down so many times that she's, like, gone cocoon-style."

In the flick, Martine is a lonely, troubled teen with a knack for getting into trouble, who eventually hits the road with other lonely souls like the intriguing young Gordy (Eddie Redmayne), an ex-convict (William Hurt) and the woman he hopes to win back (Maria Bello).

While Martine shuts down instead of taking the kinds of leaps Bella does, Stewart admits that it's Bella's willingness to be so open to life and love that she loves so much. "And I don't feel like Bella's like that, even remotely," she explained. "I feel like she's almost unaware of people's opinions of her, which is what I really like about her."

However, Stewart admitted that because the roles are so different, it's pretty hard to compare them. "But it's like comparing people," she said. "You can't say one person has more range, or that they have to go through more."

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